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Title : The IPCC sixth assessment cycle
Name of the speaker : Valérie Masson-Delmotte
Affiliation : LSCE
Laboratory organizer : LSCE
Date and time : 30-11-2017 12h00
Location : L'Orme des merisiers, salle 17C du bât. 701
Summary :

The IPCC mandate is to coordinate assessment reports on the state of scientific knowledge with respect to climate change. In 2018, the IPCC will celebrate its 30th anniversary. How is the exchange between governements and the scientific community structured to prepare these reports?

I will introduce the herculean work schedule of the IPCC for the sixth assessment cycle, during which the IPCC is preparing in parallel three special reports (respectively on global warming of 1.5°C ; on climate change and land; on the ocean and the cryosphere in a changing climate); a methodological report on greenhouse gas emission inventories; and the main Working Group reports (physical science basis; impacts, vulnerability and adaptation options; mitigation options).

The IPCC will co-organize  in 2018 a conference on Cities and climate change sciences (March 2018) and two experts meetings on short lived climate forcers and on regional climate information (May 2018).

The Working Group I report has a new outline, quite different from the previous ones.

I will explain the various steps associated with the preparation of the reports and the author selection, and will insist on how to contribute to the review process.

For more information : www.ipcc.ch , and for the Working Group I : wg1.ipcc.ch