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Title : Clouds in the GFDL CM3 global climate model : recent developments
Name of the speaker : Jean-Christophe Golaz
Affiliation : NOAA/GFDL
Laboratory organizer : LMD
Date and time : 17-12-2012 14h30
Location : Salle de réunion du LMD Jussieu (T45-55, 3e étage)
Summary :

CM3 is the first GFDL coupled climate model to incorporate aerosol indirect effects. Interactions between anthropogenic aerosols and clouds act to cool the planet, and therefore offset a portion of the warming from the increase in greenhouse gases. We demonstrate that the magnitude of this cooling is poorly constrained and sensitive to details of cloud parameterizations.

We also discuss a new cloud and turbulence parameterization currently being implemented in CM3. This parameterization is a higher order turbulence model with a closure based on a multivariate assumed PDF. This new approach unifies the treatment of clouds as well as mixing by boundary layer turbulence and shallow convection.

Contact :

MP Lefebvre