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Date published : 13-08-2019
Job title : Engineer (M/F) in Scientific Computing
Grade : Research Engineer (M/F)
Contract nature : CDD 24 months
Laboratory : LOCEAN
Place of work : Paris
Employer : CNRS
Application deadline : 30-09-2019
Contract start date : November 2019
Scientific domain :
Job description :


The scientific computational engineer will implement, calibrate and optimize a fast configuration of the IPSL coupled climate model with a reduced spatial grid, aimed at performing large ensembles of simulations on long climate time scales, such as those found in paleoclimates. She/he will interact with experts in the field at IPSL and rely on local computing infrastructures (ESPRI mesocentre) and national computing centres. She/he will provide support for the realization of stand-alone atmospheric or coupled ocean-atmosphere ensemble simulations to test physical parameterizations. Relying on these sets of simulations, she/he will carry out a calibration of free model parameters in order to develop a configuration with the best representation of different fundamental aspects of the climate system. To do this, she/he will benefit from tools for adjusting parameters based on the use of meta-models (from the uncertainty quantification community, UQ). A global aerosol model can also be activated in the atmospheric model.  The engineer will propose and develop digital and software solutions for the researchers and post-doctoral fellows of the host team.


  1. Development and optimization of new configurations of the IPSL climate model and its computing chain. Participation in their documentation, development of associated tools, porting and monitoring of their performance on national supercomputers centres.
  2. Use and validation of codes (ensembles of simulations, performance tests) in a High Performance Computing (HPC) context to better understand the mechanisms of climate variability. 
  3. Participation in the work of research teams to implement and adapt mathematical data analysis methods to meet a research need.
  4. Intensive use of computers from national (IDRIS, CCGT) and European (PRACE) centres.
  5. Write documentation and train users.

Work Context:

The LOCEAN laboratory ( https://locean-ipsl.upmc.fr ) is one of nine laboratories in Ile-de-France in environmental and climate sciences at the Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL) ( https://www.ipsl.fr ). The Research Engineer will join VARCLIM, a very dynamic scientific team at LOCEAN and will work closely with about ten engineers and researchers who are at the heart of the development of the IPSL climate model. The position is based on the Pierre et Marie Curie campus of Sorbonne University in Paris. 

The activity of the LOCEAN host team (VARCLIM) focuses on the study of physical processes that control the dynamics and variability of the ocean and climate on a wide range of time and space scales for a better understanding of the climate system and its present, past and future evolution.  The close synergy between LOCEAN's scientific teams and other IPSL laboratories within the IPSL Climate Modelling Centre ( https://cmc.ipsl.fr ) allows research and development of a climate model based on the integration of several components for the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice and continental surfaces. It regularly participates in international exercises such as the Climate Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP), as part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The modelling activity relies on GENCI's major national computing centres and on a dedicated IT infrastructure located at IPSL. 

The recruited research engineer will work under the supervision of Dr. M. Khodri (LOCEAN/IPSL) and experienced researchers and engineers at LOCEAN and IPSL. She/he collaborate closely and regularly with the IPSL-CMC group ( https://cmc.ipsl.fr ).

Required skills :
  • Diploma: Phd or engineering degree or master's degree in scientific calculation  
  • Very good knowledge of Unix / Linux 
  • Very good knowledge of programming languages, Fortran90, Python and Bash 
  • Basic knowledge of statistics and mathematical processing.
  • Very good knowledge in computer techniques for modelling, processing, and representing scientific problems (e. g. parallelization techniques, vectorization, object modelling, code coupling, etc.)
  • Knowledge of fluid mechanics or climate science would be also appreciated.
  • Ability to work in a team environment 
  • Ability to write and present her/his work
  • Autonomy, organizational skills and reactivity
Salary : Between 3 291 € and 3 815 € gross monthly salary depending on the experience
Contact :

Myriam Khodri, LOCEAN-IPSL, E-Mail : myriam.khodri@locean-ipsl.upmc.fr

Frédéric Hourdin, LMD-IPSL. E-Mail : Frederic.Hourdin@lmd.jussieu.fr

Olivier Boucher, Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace (IPSL), E-Mail : olivier.boucher@ipsl.fr