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Jan Polcher becomes GEWEX SSG new Co-Chair

Date : 27-09-2018

Jan Polcher becomes Group du Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) Scientific Steering Group new Co-Chair.

Jan Polcher

Dr. Polcher is Directeur de Recherche at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and works at the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (LMD) , part of the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL) in Paris. He studied oceanography and theoretical physics in the1980’s in Kiel, Germany. He then moved to Paris to complete a Ph.D.under the supervision of Katia Laval at LMD in 1993. Since then, his main interest lies in climate modeling of the water cycle, particularly land surface processes and their interactions with the atmosphere. He is one of the founding members of the Organizing Carbon and Hydrology in Dynamic Ecosystems (ORCHIDEE) land-surface model at IPSL and continues to participate in its development. Land-surface modeling was also the reason for his initial involvement in GEWEX, where he led the creation of the Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS) Panel panel in 1999.

In 2003, Dr. Polcher focused on regional climate problems with the African Monsoon and Multidisciplinary Analyses (AMMA) project. He coordinated the project, which gathered 37 European and 22 African institutions around the objective of enhancing our understanding of the West African Monsoon. AMMA also served to empower the African research community to participate in research on climate change. As chair of the GEWEX Hydroclimatology Panel (GHP), he continued to pursue that aim of enabling com-munities around the world to come together around regional studies of the water cycle and its sensitivity to climate change by encouraging new regional hydroclimate projects.

In the last few years, he has reunited his passion for modeling with his interest in regional water cycle issues by leading the effort at IPSL to develop a regional climate model based on the same components as those used for the global Earthsystem model. This effort is currently centered on the Mediterranean region and contributes to the Hydrological Cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment (HyMeX) project. As this region’s water cycle is equally controlled by climate fluctuations and human water usage, Dr. Polcher is taking a keen interest in including anthropogenic processes in land surface models. This led him to accept the cochair position for the WCRP Grand Challenge on Water for the Food Baskets ofthe World.

Throughout his career, Dr. Polcher has coordinated a number of research projects funded by French and European agencies, supervised or co-supervised 12 Ph.D. theses, and authored or co-authored over 100 papers

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