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The 2019 Petrus Peregrinus Medal is awarded to Catherine Kissel for outstanding contributions in palaeomagnetism, applied to understanding the Earth’s magnetic field, palaeoclimate, palaeoceanography and the geodynamic evolution of the Mediterranean margins.

05-11-2018 to 09-11-2018

2018 Ocean Salinity Science Conference

This conference, which will take place from on 5-9 November, 2018, in Sorbonne University, Paris, will review progress and ongoing work and will identify next frontiers in the fields of ocean salinity and freshwater cycle science.

Jan Polcher (CNRS researcher at LMD-IPSL) becomes GEWEX Scientific Steering Group new Co-Chair as from June 2018.

08-09-2014 to 12-09-2014

Workshop IEEE 2014

The first international workshop on "Space-based Lidar Remote Sensing Techniques and Emerging Technologies will be held in from 8 to 12 september 2014 in Paris and vicinity.

François Forget receives the David Bates 2014 medal.

Olivier Talagrand receives the EGU Lewis Fry Richardson 2014 medal.

16-10-2013 to 18-10-2013

First Workshop on Water Vapor Isotopes

Cet atelier, organisé par l'IPSL et le Labex-IPSL en partenariat avec l'UVSQ, l'ANR, PICARRO, Ecotech et le LGR (Los Gatos Research), a eu lieu dans les locaux du CNRS à Gif sur Yvette du 16 au 18 octobre 2013.

Nous publions ici les présentations de ce colloque.

This workshop aims at comparing current numerical models for the middle and upper atmospheres and, in the light of the observations, identifying key issues, lacks and roads for future improvement.

Professor of history on science studies at University of California in San Diego, Naomi Oreskes is the author, together with Erik Conway, of the book "Merchants of doubt". During the seminar she will focus on the strategy that industrials and some american scientists have been developing since the 1960's to mislead the public and deny weel-established scientific knowledge : tobacco and lung cancer, the ozone hole and CFC emissions, acid rains and coal smokes, global warming and the use of fossil resources, etc.

16-09-2011 to 16-09-2011

The 2011 Ozone day

On the occasion of the 2011 Ozone Day, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) broadcasts a short film explaining the history and the science of the ozone layer and actions undertaken to fight this major environmental threat and its drawbacks on the ozone layer and Earth climatic system.