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PhD Defense

Rana Jreich (LSCE)

Title : Vertical dynamics of soil carbon - Combined use of isotopic tracers and statistical meta-analysis

Date and time : The 28-11-2018 at 14h00

Type : thèse

Université qui délivre le diplôme : Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Location : Amphithéâtre Coléou - AgroParisTech - 16 rue Claude Bernard - 75231 Paris Cedex 05
Members of jury :

Rapporteur:Martin Plummer, Prof., Université de Warwick

Rapporteur: Joel Chadouf, DR, INRA (Avignon)   

Examinateur: Philipe Bousquet, Prof., UVSQ

Examinatrice: Delphine Terrien, MC, INRA (Nancy)

Directrice de thèse: Christine Hatté, Chercheure-Ingénieure, CEA-LSCE

Co-directeur de thèse:Éric Parent, IPEF, AgroParisTech

Invité: Jérôme Balesdent, DR, INRA (Aix-en-Provence)

Summary :

Although it is the largest land reservoir interacting with the atmosphere, the response of the soil carbon reservoir to climate change and land use evolution remains uncertain. To better understand the soil carbon dynamics and assess the impact of. climate and environmental factors on residence time and soil organic carbon content, a non-linear hierarchical random effects model was proposed to model the variation in the responses of soil carbon content and soil radiocarbon as a function of depth. The selection of climatic and environmental factors was based on three Bayesian Selection techniques (Bayesian Group Lasso, Bayesian Sparse Group Selection and Bayesian Effect fusion) appropriate for categorical predictors (soil type and ecosystem type) and on the Stochastic Search Variable Selection for the numerical predictors (temperature, precipitation, etc.).  The statistical modeling also enabled the effect of temperature increase and land-use conversion on soil carbon dynamics to be investigatedl.

The PhD defence will be followed by a buffet in the Dubos room.. 

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