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PhD Defense

Guillaume Levavasseur (LSCE)

Title : Environmental modelling constrainted by climate: statistical approaches for permafrost and vegetation

Date and time : The 24-09-2012 at 14h00

Type : thèse

Université qui délivre le diplôme : UVSQ

Location : Amphithéâtre Claude Bloch, bât. 772, CEA-Saclay, Orme des Merisiers
Members of jury :

Pr. Matthieu ROY-BARMAN - Professor UVSQ / LSCE

Dr. Rachid CHEDDADI - Rapporteur (ISEM)

Pr. Michel CRUCIFIX - Rapporteur (Earth and Life Institute - UCL)

Pr. Jed KAPLAN - Examiner (EPFL)

Dr. Denis ALLARD - Examiner (BioSp - INRA)

Dr. Didier ROCHE - Supervisor (LSCE)

Dr. Mathieu VRAC - Supervisor (LSCE)

Dr. Didier PAILLARD - Supervisor & guest member (LSCE)

Summary :

The environment depends on physical and biological processes that are still poorly understood and intimately related to a local scale. There is a need to model environmental variables in many impact studies. Environmental modelling requires “flexible” approaches taking into account local factors that are at least as important as climate factors. From the standpoint of statistics, this thesis aim was to estimate a “statistical link” between climate and environment. This relationship can associate local and large spatial scales to quickly assess the ability of several climate models to represent environmental variables. High resolution modelling of a spatially heterogeneous variable such as permafrost allowed a better interpretation and a better evaluation of the results. Such a statistical link can also reformulate some “environmental physics” taking climatic signal and various types of information (e.g., continentality) into account. Statistics allow for example to model the complexity of an environmental variable such as vegetation, which is difficult to represent by dynamical approaches. Using a statistical model adapted to the study of vegetation led us to provide a new global database of the potential vegetation and to entail many prospects in paleoclimatology. 

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