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PhD Defense


Title : Télédétection des surfaces continentales : corrections des signatures directionnelles et suivi phénologique

Date and time : The 25-01-2011 at 14h00

Type : thèse

Université qui délivre le diplôme :

Location : LSCE, salle des séminaires 17C, bâtiment 701 de l'Orme de Merisiers
Members of jury :

Frédéric Baret, Directeur de Recherche INRA, EMMA, Rapporteur

Jean-Louis Roujean, Chargé de Recherche CNRS, CNRM, Rapporteur

Philippe Bousquet, Professeur UVSQ, LSCE, Examinateur

Pierre Defourny, Professeur UCL, SST/ELI, Examinateur

Jean-Luc Deuze, Professeur Emérite USTL, LOA, Examinateur

François-Marie Bréon, Directeur de Recherche CEA, LSCE, Directeur de thèse

Summary :

The land surface component of the carbon cycle exhibits a large geographical disparity as well as a large interannual variability. It is important to survey and also to try predicting the evolution of this sink in response to climate change and human activities.

A good knowledge of the physics of the satellite measurement allows us to model the land surface directional effects and thus to remove them from the measurement. We then construct less noisy time series of vegetation indices over almost three decades, from which we extract phenological parameters, phenology being the study of key-stages of the vegetal annual cycle in relation to climate.

These satellite data may also be used for global vegetation models: to validate the modeled Leaf Area Index; to be assimilated and thus help improve the carbon fluxes budget; to calibrate phenological models.

University :


Contact :
Fabienne Maignan : 01 69 08 62 18
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